A++ Awesome Company!! I had the pleasure of doing business...
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A++ Awesome Company!! I had the pleasure of doing business...

5.0  |  07/14/2018 
Quality: 5.0 
Customer Service: 5.0 
Value for Money: 5.0
Review by Eric W., Jacksonville, FL 
Project: Repair or Partially Replace Brick or Stone Siding
A++ Awesome Company!! I had the pleasure of doing business with Plambeck Masonry. From the initial meeting and estimate, to the contract and arrangement for deposit, to the actual day of work and quality - AWESOME COMPANY!. Our chimney was in need of some mortar repair, we had several spots between bricks where the mortar was completely missing or close to breaking down. Upon getting in touch with Plambeck they quickly scheduled an estimate meeting. You know what they say about first impressions, right? Well I was highly impressed. Jerry (the owner) showed up on-time (he may have actually been early.) He was super friendly and knowledgeable. He quickly assessed the work needed let me know if would be a day or two to come back with a quote. I felt comfortable from the start. His description of the work needed was fair and he only recommended what was really needed. I know very little about the Mason trade so I trust the expert. After Jerry left I heard back from Mary at Plambeck a day or two later with a quote. The quote was very fair and I quickly hired them. We got the deposit set and the date scheduled. It was about 2 or 3 weeks out, but that's fine. We know people are busy. Well, the Friday before the Monday in which the work was scheduled Mary called me, asking if they could move the date. They moved it up to Saturday! AWESOME!! Totally worked for me - I appreciated the request. On to the work itself. Jerry showed up around 9am'ish and immediately got to work. He ground out the old mortar, washed the entire chimney and skillfully applied new mortar. The chimney looks like new and no more gaps! We also included a repair to our brick mailbox, we had a broken/missing brick. Jerry made quick work out of the missing brick and replaced it. Overall the job took about 6 hours. Lots of attention to quality, which is hard to find these days. I am super satisfied with Plambeck Masonry. We have a brick home so I am sure I will be calling on them again in the future. Many thanks to Jerry and Mary!! A+++